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About Directional Plus, LLC

Directional Plus, LLC is a Northern Colorado-based business specializing in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), also known as Directional Boring. With a mission to maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and fairness in relationships with the suppliers, associates, and customers, DPL has become a trustworthy leader in the industry.

By consistently providing exceptional services, we have established ourselves as a first-class service provider in multiple states. At Directional Plus, we have a proven track record of completing projects of all sizes and types with complete customer satisfaction. With an experienced workforce and the use of sophisticated technology in our boring projects, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations of quality, safety, and timely delivery.

​We have specialized tooling that allows us to bore in all soil types, including SOLID rock. Our experience includes boring not only all soil types but under rivers, lakes, highways, railroads, buildings, etc. We are capable of boring in pipe up to 24″ in diameter. Depending on bore size and ground conditions, we are capable of boring up to 1200 ft in one shot.​

  • A thorough understanding of the unique ground conditions in the area.

  • Specialized tooling for solid rock conditions.

  • We have completed bores under the Poudre River, North Platte River, the Union Pacific railroad, and bores that cross multiple jurisdictions.

  • Our knowledgeable crews have experience with directional boring in diverse environments including residential, congested roadways, under rivers, railroad crossings, highways, and wind farms.

  • We have bored tens of thousands of feet for Wind Energy projects, flow lines in the Oil & Gas Industry, HDPE lines for fiber optics, water, sewer, and electric lines, steel casing for road crossings, etc.

  • We know how to complete the work while following the corresponding rules, standards, and regulations of all the regulatory agencies involved with each project.

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